Social Responsibility

socialPrystup Packaging Products is dedicated to the prosperity of our local community. In fact, Prystup employees serve on both the City Council of Livingston, Alabama and the Board of Directors of the Coleman Center for the Arts of (York, AL). In addition to supporting local athletic teams, churches, and charity organizations, P.P.P. also provides donations and/or support to the following local schools and councils: Demopolis and Livingston Alabama City Schools Foundations, Sumter Academy Foundation, The University of West Alabama (UWA), Sumter County Fine Arts Council, Sumter County Chamber of Commerce. Indeed, Prystup Packaging is represented in nearly every organization throughout the community; our company’s employees will always be at the forefront, setting an example for leadership.

P.P.P. strives to provide a challenging and rewarding work environment in an area that is as well-known for high unemployment and poverty as it is for its rich, dark soil. Prystup offers good jobs at competitive pay in a region that is historically the nation’s poorest. The average length of service of our 160+ employees is over 10 years. Our company hopes to set an example for other diverse businesses and intends to become the standard by which others in our industry are judged.